So here is the standard stuff first…

I’ve been an avid reader and writer since I was twelve years old, and the passion hasn’t seemed to cease. My English grades were always my highest marks, I was guaranteed to have a book in my bag at all times, and I was as dreamy eyed and imaginative as any classic heroine could be.

I graduated from the University of Toronto in 2015 with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in English, specializing in the field instead of double-majoring or taking on a minor. I was already writing before Uni, having completed three novels in my spare time before even setting foot on campus, but my UofT education broadened my interests and helped me grow even more as a writer.

Today I have a self-published young adult series on the go–the first instalment, The Light in the Dark, currently available on iBooks, Kobo, and Kindle–and multiple others either finished and in query stages, or waiting desperately in the wings. I live with my partner in Toronto with our adorable, if not totally insane dog, Keats.

Now for the sappy bit…

I knew I wanted to be a writer after a classmate handed me a book I could pretend to read during our forced 15 minute session. Up until that point I’d had a love/hate relationship with reading that bounced back and forth depending on my mood. But that day, way back in grade seven, I only needed something to pass the time for a moment. I had no idea that I would find a way to pass the time, and love every minute of it, for the rest of my life.

Writing has always been more than a hobby for me, a pastime, an end-game. I often find myself feeling more like I have to write rather than want to. It’s a weird sort of “voices-in-your-head” thing that is 100% creepy and 200% engulfing. Family and friends can relate aggravated tales of my hearing nothing they said because I was too busy writing in my head.

I have a Writing file on my Desktop and a very full GoogleDocs as proof of my inability to not write. Stories started and stopped, outlines for things still in the fresh stages of creation, and query letters upon synopses upon rough drafts…It’s not easy to make a living as a novelist, and it sure isn’t easy to even get into the big game, but even if I wanted to find something else to do, another career to pursue, another mountain to climb, I’d still have a worn-down keyboard and far off look in my eye.