His heart was black, but it was also solid gold…

Rose Burke has been trained to see the Fae as enemies. Conscripted by a mad King for her gift of the Sight, she has spent years isolating herself to become the best of the Scouts—a team dedicated to fighting the Fae.

But Rose’s first patrol in the Fae’s forest goes horribly wrong. Rescued then abandoned by an elven noble, Rose is captured and taken to the wicked Lord Caitiff, the ruler of a brutal Fae Court. Forced into servitude to save her life, Rose is gifted as a pet to the very elf that saved her in the woods, Faolan.

With the once great Court divided into factions—Lokkalfar and Dokkalfar Fae, light and dark—Rose discovers truths about the ancient wars that makes her question all she’s ever known. Desperate to keep another civil war from tearing the Fae apart, Faolan entangles her into his plot to bring down Lord Caitiff, and Rose vows to help keep the Fae tyrant from gaining more power—

A power that, long ago, brought down an entire human army.

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