Fresh off the…iPad?

The Light in the Dark launched November 1st 2016, but before that there was a lot, and I mean a lot, of debate. I’ve had a few people ask me about my decisions and my reasoning for going with a self-published ebook (some people who know me and some who don’t), so here are a few quick answers as my first how-do-ye-do on my first official website.

1. Why self-publishing?

Well here’s the reason plain and simple for that: I wrote a book, I wanted people to read said book, and I wasn’t getting any bites on my query letters.

2: Does that mean your book is bad?

I mean…no? I suppose that is a matter of opinion, but what it came down to for me was that I didn’t know what I was doing. I still don’t. But I’ve written books in the past that then sat on my computer collecting virtual dust, so when I completed this novel it was the first time I felt confident and proud enough to really want to share it with more than friends and family. So, being far to eager-beaver about it, and instead of whittling away the hours it would take for me to track down a good agent, then hopefully get picked up by a publisher, then hopefully get my book out there…I went this route.

3: Does this mean you don’t want to traditionally publish?

No. Self publishing is both easy and hard. It’s easy to click a button and have your work out there, but marketing it and promoting it and trying to get reviews is very complicated. It takes a lot of dedication and time for one person, and having a professional team makes a world of difference. Do I expect to have this particular book, and it’s follow-ups, traditionally published? Not really. It would be nice, but self publishing is also a fabulous stepping stone as an author. Just being able to get your book to an audience this easily is a comment on the technological age and the creative process as a whole. Do I have other books in the works that I’d love to see on bookshelves someday? Lord almighty, yes. Yes. A thousand times yes! But that doesn’t mean I love my ebook baby any less.

4: Will you self-publish sequels and/or other novels you’ve written?

The sequels to The Light in the Dark will almost definitely be self-published. I have too many readers who would murder me if I just left this one book sitting here forever. Obviously there’s a chance it could be traditionally published, but if that doesn’t happen I still plan on finishing the tale. As for other books of mine, I’ll have to see. As mentioned above, I had no idea what I was doing when it came to shopping this novel to agencies and publishers. Thanks to this process, I’ve researched more and learned more and grown more, so I like to think I have a rough idea of what I’m doing now. The dream, because I am a materialist at heart sadly and long to have a physical copy of one of my stories in my hand someday, I still dream of walking into an Indigo or Barnes & Noble and finding my novel on the shelf. Doesn’t mean there won’t be more titles from me on your iPad, Kobo, or Kindle though.

For a long time I felt like self-publishing was the sort of “failed” option, but in today’s day and age, it’s quickly on the rise as one of the best ways to get yourself out there, or get a foot in the door. I would love to answer any other questions any aspiring writers have in regards to self-publishing, writing, the publishing world in general, and any other queries that might crop up.


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